Arya Veer

The Arya Veers are a division of our Sabha encompassing Arya Veers and Arya Veeraanganas from the ages of 10 until 25. The average age of this group is about 17 years.

The Arya Veers are a very integral part of the Sabha and their main focus is on the development of our young children into good citizens.

Some of their activities include:

  1. Selling bandanas to help raise funds for CanTeen - an organisation that deals with teenage cancer patients.
  2. Collecting second hand clothing for the Red Cross Organisation.
  3. Organising fundraising dinner nights for the Sabha.
  4. Assisting with the Ved Prachaar organisation.
  5. Administrating and coordinating the Sabha's library.
  6. Conducting Satsanghs four times a year. These Satsanghs are fully coordinated and run by our Arya Veers which include the performing of Yajna, master of ceremonies, bhajans, mishthaan vittran and pravachans.

The Arya Veer Executives for 2007 are:

President Smt. Reshmi Lal Bala Ji
Vice-President Shania Prasad Ji
Secretary Sunanda Kumar Ji
Asst. Secretary Sasha Sen Ji
Treasurer Sonia Chandra Ji
PRO Pranit Rai Ji